21CSLA CAST UDL Symposium Presentation
Spring CUE 2023 Conference Presentation 21CSLA CASCD

  National & State Presentations

CDE ELA HSS Presentation

Leading for Equity, Liberation, & Joy; Elevating Student Voice & Civic Engagement

CALSA 2023 Presentation
ACSA Elevating Student Voice & Civic Engagement

Youth Global Citizenship & Transformative Social Emotional Learning

CCSS 2023 State Seals Presentation
CCSS 2022 Student Voice for Social Justice: T-SEL & Civic Engagement
CACEO Conference: Elevating Youth Civic Engagement and the State Seal

EdTech, ELD, Enviroliteracy, Civics, & Equitable Blended Learning

CABE, Spring 2020
CUE Enviroliteracy, Civics, & Equitable Blended Learning

Equitable Civic Empowerment & Advocacy

CCSS 2021

CLIC Project & History-Social Science Framework Implementation

CLIC Region 5 HSS CP Virtual Convening 8/20/20
PPT CHSSP Academic Conversations and ELD Protocols

Literacy & Language Development

CLIC Statewide ELD & HSS January 2020 Sacramento
CLIC Statewide ELD & HSS November 2019 LACOE

EdTech, Inquiry, Civics, & ELD

EdTech ELD Strategies for History-Social Science and C3 Readiness
CCSS Region 5 CP_CLIC Session 2 2019

Student Voice & Civic Learning

CABE Presentation 2018.pptx
CCSS Conference Presentation 2015

Regional & Local Presentations